It's been said before, but I just thought of my own phrasing. So here's a piece of social wisdom about a trans term:

Egg is a retrospective term. Apply it to past-you all you want, use it with close friends all you want. But smugly asserting that you know what is at the end of someone's journey of introspection is rude and liable to put them off the journey altogether.

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@rockario I was really put off egg in trans culture cause I almost exclusively saw it used as a way to say someone MUST be trans because they don't fit gender norms,

Or trying to push someone in a specific direction ie "hatching their egg."

Both these behaviors irritate me so much.

@whalefall Agreed.
I first saw it as a cute way of referring to your past self to make that relationship less hostile. But using it on strangers is AT BEST condescending.

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