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@beej Merch feedback that I hope is constructive:
When looking at blanks for future apparel, 100% cotton (or at least 90%+) would be highly appreciated by me and others with texture sensitivities. Polyester and blended hoodies/shirts often have a grabby sensation as though one's skin is getting slightly hooked on the fabric. It's the reason I didn't buy many of the DB shirts in years past.
PS: listing the material composition on the store pages just like the Pride shirt would be great, as well.

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Here's an å you can copy-paste for your blåhaj-posts

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Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

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Calling all followers of our main account on! 🔊

This account is our back-up, until the issues on are resolved. It'll become our main account if goes down permanently.

If you've got #LGBTQ+ / #nonbinary / #trans followers, boosting this post would be a big help, because at the moment posts aren't federating from, and account migration isn't working at all.

For more on the issues with #LGBTio, read their Patreon post here:

Thank you. :)

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Newbies: one of the most significant differences between here and birdsite is post scope. It's usually a 🌎 icon at the bottom of the post box, though that may vary based on your client: it will default to global. "Global" goes to public timelines: your server's Local timeline, and also the Federated timeline on any other servers that are aware of your account (generally anywhere where someone subscribes to you).

(See replies for other options!)

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Just a feeling: A lot of people lose interest in Mastodon because they were expecting a 1:1 Twitter replacement, when in reality it's more like a bunch of people from disparate special interest message boards meeting in the middle at Tumblr with a better reply interface.

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Refuse | Reduce | Reuse | Repair | Repurpose | Recycle | Repeat

I've been reminded that we need to remember to post things other than discussion of platforms right now. Drop your nonsense, memes, and inane posts too.
I just had a bowl of Crispix.
I made L a London Fog earlier.
Goots & Jorts & Goots & Jorts & Goots & Jorts & Goots & Jorts & Goots & Jorts &

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After two weeks on here all I can say is that Mastodon will never replace the late stage Rage Twitter of the 2020s or even the 2010s, but it certainly feels a little like back in 2009 when Twitter was just a bunch of random folks enjoying Nutella jokes and tweeting Kafka quotes. People here are neither desperately networking nor permanently enraged. They just hang out.

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I have started using this metaphor when recommending friends to use it.

The metaphor extends to the available feeds:

'Home': chat w/ my friends circle, including neighbors and visitors you invited in.

'Local': building party, hang w/ neighbors.

'Federated': take a walk down the street, see weird stuff, chat w/ random strangers, but keep your guard up.

Of course, it's not a perfect match, but I think it quickly conveys the social experience and trade-offs between different instances.

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The most daunting thing for me about joining Mastodon/Fediverse was picking an instance.

Having joined one, a RL metaphor emerges for me: "it's like picking an apartment building."

You need to evaluate the management. Do they respect tenant rights? Is the desk clerk skeevy?

Do you want to live in a big impersonal complex? Or a little boarding house, where people share a lot and have house parties? You can even be a "home owner" and run your own instance (pay the bills, fix the plumbing).

@beej I'm no coward! I found you! (Sidewalk Slam outro)
Also, hi. Hope you're doing well.

@ihorner Settings-wise, it's got white balance, scene modes, ISO, exposure, FoV crops, image rotation (for dashcam use), etc. I can mount it via the tripod thread opposite me at a table and rotate the image to make it look like my perspective view. Standalone, it has both video and photo modes including timelapse which automatically combines the shots into a video. For $50, it's incredibly versatile and a good value if it only performed one role, let alone dashcam, webcam, & action cam combined.

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@ihorner It comes with a typical 170 degree FoV fish-eye lens. However, a variety of low/no distortion, fixed focal length lenses exist for it which can be adjusted for macro or infinity focus based on how deeply they are screwed into the mount. I also found that manual zoom and focus lens which has been working well as an overhead camera for playing paper magic online. Depending on desired fidelity and features, webcam capable models range from $20-120 USD. Standalone filming usage is a bonus.

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@ihorner I know that you and LRR have tried to use webcams to get close to tabletop games like HeroQuest and to fine details like circuit boards on TTSF, but you found minimum focus distance issues and other barriers. I know the current studio cameras have helped a lot of that with their zooming capabilities, but I thought you might still be interested in the action camera I've been using. It has a PnP USB webcam mode, a replaceable M12 lens, and all its video settings apply to said webcam mode.

@beej We have arrived in town! Out of curiosity, where do y'all find Beejlander packs?

US Politics Philosophy 

This is an incredibly interesting analysis of the way American Conservatism has eroded our social systems and created an alternate reality, the underlying machinery and tactics for doing so, and the philosophical and institutional ramifications thereof.

Just taking a moment to put lots of queer love out into the world.
:HeartTransgender: :HeartQueer: :HeartPolysexual: :HeartPolyamorous: :HeartPOCPride: :HeartPansexual: :HeartLesbian: :HeartLeather: :HeartLabrys: :HeartIntersex: :HeartGenderqueer: :HeartGenderfluid: :HeartDemisexual: :HeartBisexual: :HeartAromantic: :HeartAgender: :HeartAsexual: :HeartPride:

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"Why do we need a class like 'Ethics?'"

"What is the primary lesson of power?"

"Power Corrupts?"

"A good start. More accurate to say that Power Reveals. Power amplifies one's voice so that the things once said softly are now a shout projected on the universe. Moreover, the longer one has had power, the harder it is to turn the gaze inward and change a fault. So, we train to be self critical and ethical now, that we may avoid a future tyrant."

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