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And thus I present my submission for the Watch+Play Game Jam 2020 

"Be Free! A Game of Escape"

The goal is to find the sub-ocean, which was the theme of the game jam.

Thanks to @DialMforMara for working with me and making sure we actually participated.

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Rockario Plays the H...I mean, Rush, 2019 

Did some reordering to the album and I think I'm comfortable pinning a link to my 2019 music project, "Rockario Plays The Music of Rush"

11 tracks, about an hour of music, and sweet cover art by @moult

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Intro post 

2020 seems like a good time to write a new post

I go by Rockario online. I'm on the youngest end of the millenials and might finally be getting myself figured out.

This account is an attempt to be my entire self honestly, so it may participate in adult and kink-related conversations. I'm queer, trans, furry, and Canadian.

Interest include:

And More! (obviously)

The biggest takeaway I’m getting from this conversation on threads and moderation is that for what mods are expected to do, they being severely underpaid.

The median salary for a Group Therapist, someone who monitors and steers conversations is $50.

To do before streaming:
- scrollng marquee of available songs
- try putting a towel of something to dampen the piano?
- move the pc so the camera isn't on the end of its cord

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I'm going to make a tentative plan to stream piano on Tuesday after supper?

A bunch of cacophonous piano while I pick through a goofy collection of music arranged for children to play? Could be fun

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I guess it makes sense that a Zendikari fashion show would be a little more... metaphysically abstract, if you will.

#MtG #GoogleTranslatesMtG #SpringmantleCleric #MTGZNR


Generally I consider any kind of bit whose comedy is derived from causing genuine emotional upset to be, a bad bit

Stream Time Poll, tldr: want to watch me play "Songs For Boys" on my childhood piano? 

So it turns out my parent's internet is stable enough to stream, and despite a bit of peaking I can get decent sound out of my childhood upright piano.

So who's interested in a stream of me playing through some children's "popular music" arrangements from 1999 and 2005 called "Something for the Boys"?

(Start times in UTC-5/CDT, stream would be 1-3 hours, times are approximate and up for negotiation)

@AndiBumble imagining a linguistics paper discussing the use of asterisks to indicate actions and the competing different ways to indicate OOC-ness.

Primordial Mastodon Toots:
β€’ Rocko's Modern Basilisk
β€’ Homestuck Runner
β€’ I'm Posters Syndrome

Talking about kids' piano books from the early 2000's with gendered titles 

As a followup to a convo I had with @BestGirlGrace and @DialMforMara yesterday:

There was a short series of easy piano arrangements of popular songs by Dan Coates in the early 2000's whose naming scheme was "Something for the [Boys | Girls]"

Each had two followups: "Something *More* [...]" and "Something *New* [... ]"

INCREDIBLY proud of my friend's recent purchase of a URL

Description of a variation of the "McDonald!" triangle chart, but for friends on here making good jokes 

Corner 1: Yelling the target's name, i.e. "Balina! Balina! Balina!"

Corner 2: "God Dammit, this needs to stop >:\"

Corner 3: Doesn't Laugh, immediately replies with another clever variation of the same joke

He's trying to get a frozen pea out from underneath the fridge

which are you?

FFXIV posting, gently bullying cat people 

Looking forward to briefly doing this same thing when I meet @flyingfox and @storm eventually. Maybe even @fluxom_alt if I run into the Meowder Maid

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