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FWIW, I went ahead and did it. I've got a Ko-Fi.

You now have the option to chuck a toonie my way for whatever reason you see fit.

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Also, followup for anyone else who plays FF14:
I'm Striking Spelt on Ultros - Primal (Server - Data Center)
If I am online, you are welcome to find me and say hi. Even if you just want to run by and wave, I'd love it.

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And thus I present my submission for the Watch+Play Game Jam 2020 

"Be Free! A Game of Escape"

The goal is to find the sub-ocean, which was the theme of the game jam.

Thanks to @DialMforMara for working with me and making sure we actually participated.

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Rockario Plays the H...I mean, Rush, 2019 

Did some reordering to the album and I think I'm comfortable pinning a link to my 2019 music project, "Rockario Plays The Music of Rush"

11 tracks, about an hour of music, and sweet cover art by @moult

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Intro post 

2020 seems like a good time to write a new post

I go by Rockario online. I'm on the youngest end of the millenials and might finally be getting myself figured out.

This account is an attempt to be my entire self honestly, so it may participate in adult and kink-related conversations. I'm queer, trans, furry, and Canadian.

Interest include:

And More! (obviously)

@moviewitch "Do your creative work about something you are truly passionate about and enjoy" is not just advice about keeping up your motivation, it is a premonition and a threat.

Jeff Vandermeer made up a fake freshwater squid in a book and people believed it really existed and now he feels bad

Looking up "XML formatting" and I'm glad this site gets right to the point and the introductory section is "XML DOESN'T DO ANYTHING, ITS JUST A FORMATTING THING"

Watching Chillpoint (video game news discussion show) and really appreciating the idea behind the new Hyrule Warriors being a BotW prequel "because those events couldn't be portrayed by a traditional Zelda game"

Ad griping, Tab For a Cause 

I hate how hard I had to look to figure out how "Tab for a Cause" gets the money it donates to charity. The sponsor messages always tout it as "donating to charity every time you open a tab" like it's just going to magically happen.

But I was finally able to dig deep enough without installing it to learn that they do it by putting Ads on your new-tab page.

Gee, I wonder why they wouldn't mention that in their sponsor messages :unarmeHmm:

Gundam Zeta, spin kicking fascists 

I bet a lot of people here like Kamille immediately, because when a fash-looking dude so much as mentions his name his first instinct is to run across a train station an punch him.

Then when taken into custody he is 5 seconds into talking with a lawyer when a guard yells at him and gets a full spin kick.

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when you call somewhere and the say they'll get back in "three to five business days" regardless of the size of your request that's O(1) baby

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one of the best prank youtube videos is "one hour of silence broken by random discord pings"

i put it on the shared tv at a vrchat meet once while everyone was in the other room, and people were going "sorry someone's pinging the hell out of me" "damn me too"

Free the thing, but be prepared to kill it.

CW: breaking a common phrase into a lewd phrase 

Herbal soap...


Her balls OP

I know there are certain phrases you always learn when taking up a new language. But one I just realised I always wanted to know but have trouble learning is some equivalent to "do one of these."

As in: "I want you to do one of these *gesturing with hands*"

Watching someone play a the stealth section of a Sherlock Holmes game, and trying to think of excuses an urchin would use if they got caught sneaking around.

But the only thing coming to mind is "Don't worry sir, this is just a pen test."

Tofu Pupper fractela 

"What do you think of gluten free bread?"

"Oh, I love gluten. And Free bread sounds great!"

Thinking about the parallels in style between Technology Connections, LGR, and Techmoan.
Then wondering whether there's a similar cohort including Brady PracticalEngineering.

My preferred type of fighting game?
Let's just say I play piano, not theramin

Watching Chillpoint (video game news discussion show) and really appreciating the idea behind the new Hyrule Warriors being a BotW prequel "because those events couldn't be portrayed by a traditional Zelda game"

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