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Throwing out again the I am looking for or other work in the Burnaby/Vancouver area.

I studied CS at DigiPen, worked on some cool student game projects, and made a couple of my own things recently in Unity ( ). I also have previous experience in graphic layout/design and love helping people make things look good and read well.

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Rockario Plays the H...I mean, Rush, 2019 

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Intro post 

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Rockario Plays the Hits (or Now That's What I Call Posting 2019) 

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What is it okay to call me:

βœ… she/her
βœ… they/them
∼ he/him

~ mr.
~ mx.
~ ms.

βœ… dude / fella / bud
βœ… ma’am / girl
❌ sis/bro, not too into familial names
😳 good girl/boy/etc

food, friendly taunting 

@fluxom_alt Rockubus has too-long limbs and moves quietly unless they really really try. Always seem contemplative and comes off as weirdly chaste for a demon with the 'cubi office, until you make your contract with them or realise what parts of you and your dream they are showing the most attention.

Their gemstoned glow a deep yellow with dark green-streaked stone horns and wings.

Catching up on MHA, Complaining about Mineta 

Last Chicago-adjacent thought for now: 

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Now I'm also admiring the lead singer pulling off a very retro but good look with tthe straight shoulder-length hair, collared shirt with three butttons undone, and a gold collar/choker.

(Chicago - 25 or 6-to-4 Live)

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how queer am I, you ask? well... suffice it to say I still think cargo pants are cool

Writing out the notes, might look like gibberish 

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Good news, aftter having "25 or 6 to 4" bouncing around my head for a whole day I have determined that the verses are in A Natural Minor. Though the melody tend to avoid the F Natural, and the main riff adds in an F sharp.

Don't ever explain yourself to the chat.


Want to see a Canadian icon being very Canadian? Also figure scatting on rollerblades in his garage? And recreating part of his famous Singing in the Rain routine in the middle of his street, again, on rollerblades.

This is Kurt Browning. I remember him being all over the CBC when I was a kid, and he is most famous for doing a recreation of the dance from Singing in the Rain on skates back in 1994. I found the full thing is on Youtube (uploaded 1 years ago!)

I wonder how hard it is to go from ice skates to roller blades?

I also am now trying to remember the difference between figure skating and ice daning and which one he does

@vyr Just wanted ro say, Lesb Iain Banks still has me chuckling

Wood Elves aren't made of wood. Sea Elves aren't made of water. M'aiq still wonders about High Elves.

Wresstling, AEW, ridiculous 

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How to become a specialist in tech jobs:

you have to do something with a tool you don’t know
You hate it instantly
Turns out this tool is driving you mad
You spend 2 weeks fixing this particular tool and learning trough pain
You finally made it work
Congrats, now you are a specialist on something you hate.

Can you believe they scheduled PAX East in November just so that nerds wouldn't be able to sings about never having been to Boston in the fall?

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