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Rockario Plays the H...I mean, Rush, 2019 

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Intro post 

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Rockario Plays the Hits (or Now That's What I Call Posting 2019) 

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What is it okay to call me:

βœ… she/her
βœ… they/them
∼ he/him

~ mr.
~ mx.
~ ms.

βœ… dude / fella / bud
βœ… ma’am / girl
❌ sis/bro, not too into familial names
😳 good girl/boy/etc

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Do you need something typed up? Do you want subtitles written? Audio editted? Do you have just a big pile of data/stuff that needs someone to organize it?

Do you know someone or some company that does? Is it in the Vancouver area or remote? Let me know

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Benefits of knowing academics, I've met the glassblower mentioned neat the start. Thanks @Canageek

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The most excitable presenter on Numberphile talks about tentacles!

Well...he talks about topology, but that's good too!

I could be relaxing this Sunday but I have to do a homework assignment for a job application because programmers have no fucking standards and will do whatever a company asks them to for an office gym and some pizza. Fuck y’all for making this standard


peggy: this is a very important time in bobby's life and i don't think we should stifle him.

hank: peggy, the boy's a sparkledog! next thing you know he's gonna be getting candygore commissions from the sickly lookin fella who works at the get in get out across from sugarfoot's. is that what you want?

peggy, looking away: no i do not,

HANK: If you make your fursona a pokemon, where are you gonna be in a few years when the next big fad comes around?
BOBBY: Then I'll just get a new one.
HANK: Bobby, a fursona isn't just something you throw away when something new comes along. It's a piece of yourself. Why, I've had Lyndon here for thirty years.
BOBBY: Here comes the ref sheet.
HANK: (takes a folded up piece of paper out of his wallet. his fursona is a jacked as hell bloodhound)

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BOBBY: Dad! Dad! I finally picked out a fursona! It's-
HANK: Is it a real animal?
BOBBY: gh-
HANK: Come on, Bobby, we talked about this. Everyone thinks Dale's a jackass with his closed species.

[Stressed millenial voice] "Sorry the place is so messy"

[Other stressed millenial voice] "No, no, mines worse, you're good"

Sexual terminology 

@rockario reminds me of the panda sneezing video

and then I remembered back when I worked at Staples one of my supervisors sneezed EXACTLY like the baby panda, including the volume, and we were like "WHAT HAPPENED ARE YOU OKAY" first time we heard it

And of course I've run into the same thing I hit every time I try to do a farming city: no industrial workers now that everyone has gone to elementary school >:/

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uWu and oWo look like wrestling title belts.

(\ /)


So it turns out I found my favourite type of vocaloid's TV episode length jazz pieces that I'm pretty sure would be even funnier if I understood the lyrics.

RPG Emergency y'all (not actual emergency) 

RPG Emergency y'all (not actual emergency) 

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