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Throwing out again the I am looking for or other work in the Burnaby/Vancouver area.

I studied CS at DigiPen, worked on some cool student game projects, and made a couple of my own things recently in Unity ( ). I also have previous experience in graphic layout/design and love helping people make things look good and read well.

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I'm going to mix the "hashtags your interests" thing with #introduction Show more

Trying to plan for a productive weekend

Me: Okay, so I should make up some lost time on the game project. Keep up on piano practice. And maybe take a trip downtown.

My Brain: We should spend several hours doing lyrical analysis on how problematic that ACDC song is, then rewrite it as "What Would You Do For Bunny, Honey?"

Me: ...I'm gonna say yes for now. Just so we don't do it right now.

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I think that they repeated it, like, 4 times with the exact same delivery was what really got me.

Skipped ahead to "Cause and Effect"

There's something terribly funny about Data dealing poker and teasing Worf. The straight ddelivery of "7. No help there" combined with the look that Data gets had me laughing out loud.

I am watching the Star Trek TNG Episode "Q Who," where we first meet the Borg, and the triple-floppy-drives in the wall as techno-greebling is very funny.

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@hierarchon time travel tabletop game where you have to save history's geniuses from untimely demises, and you level up when they live longer and lead to advanced science in the future you come from

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Werewolf: If you get bitten, you become one of us

Me: and i can control it?

Werewolf: yeah

Me rolling up my sleeves: and theres no like, serious side effects?

Werewolf: not really

Me, extending my arm outward: so hypothetically if you just placed your maw right here and i slammed down on it like a staples brand stapler i would become a werewolf right now right

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Literally my favorite card of all time. As the story goes (as I've heard it) it essentially breaks down to

Person on expansion design team hears about whippoorwill legend, doesn't know it's a common bird.
Name of card gets sent to artist, who does know what birds are.
Art comes back and wotc is like "welp"

It's a real nice bird painting, too.

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It's 3AM and I'm here to relate,
Gyari is vocaloid jazz and it's great.
The illustrations give the songs great character,
And I love being able to laugh at music jokes.

Fair warning, this is a 30 minute piece.
But it uses themes from almost every other song of theirs,
So as an introduction it's pretty deece:

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Mallards always look well dressed, with their striking green and brown colors. Floating around on a pond they are a picture of dignified stillness.

But as soon as there's food in front of them...

"Dog biting stream of water" is good, bug how about "Duck tries to drink from bottle"

Hey, where's all the duck furries? I just remembered today that they eat by dabbling and I want to see characters doing this with, like, soup or something.

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Thanks everyone who watched Bylaw and Order these last dozensome weeks. Playing Enor was a special treat for me each week, and knowing how many of you enjoyed it made it alll the sweeter. Please read again in my voice…


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