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What is it okay to call me:

βœ… she/her
βœ… they/them
∼ he/him

~ mr.
~ mx.
~ ms.

βœ… dude / fella / bud
βœ… ma’am / girl
❌ sis/bro, not too into familial names
😳 good girl/boy/etc

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Do you need something typed up? Do you want subtitles written? Audio editted? Do you have just a big pile of data/stuff that needs someone to organize it?

Do you know someone or some company that does? Is it in the Vancouver area or remote? Let me know

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Project Fightdog 

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I'm going to mix the "hashtags your interests" thing with #introduction 

i've been playing videogames for like 22 years now trying to get the same feeling i did meeting Red on Mt. Silver and i still haven't gotten it and i don't think i ever will

"We were delayed because we found a barrel of lubricant. Here, have some lubricant!" β€”Kathleen, as Inspector Assayer

QWERPLine posting 

Wait, I didn't miss QWERPLine!?!?!?

When Andrew said (10 PM) just now I audibly gasped.

It doesn't hurt, as well, to have 30 people also genuinely emotional and singing "Don't Stop Believing" and "Africa" while a Twitch chat moves the fastest I've ever seen it with everybody so happy.

If you want to see the emotional peak of Desert Bus, even if you won't have context for some of the memes or group dynamics, check out

"Watching numbers go up" is a good way to make me less interested in a game.

But the last 6-12 hours of Desert Bus as donations pour in and more and more people crowd in and get excited gets an emotional reaction from me every year. :jamieCry:

Ok so a charity I really like is GIVING AWAY A REAL LIFE MASTER SWORD.

8 PM Pacific time tonight. You'll be able to enter for a donation somewhere between $5 and $15.


The Replica Master Sword will now be a GIVEAWAY!

You can expect to see this giveaway go live around 8PM tonight so come by DesertBus.Org for a chance to take this amazing prize home.


This ones dedicated for anyone whose had a rough day/week/month/year. Keep on pushing forward, life can get tough so focus on the good things, like animal hugs πŸ€—.

Free the thing, but be prepared to kill it.

Drug mention 

Drug mention 

By 2025, every nerdy group of adults in North America will have at least one former employee of Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Each of whom will have pioes of dirt to throw liberally around.

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