Thanks, Google, your smart search results are always helpful...

Me: want to find out when daylight saving changes
Google, an intellectual:

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finally do I have the proper way of looking at the fediverse :icon_mrgreen:

also yes it's fully functional and I'm actually using it as my main interface right now

@MikeLLunsford This seems like as good a time as any to say I've been enjoying Speak of the Devil and am super interested to see where this goes!

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My Desert Bus craft-along submission this year. Handcarved and stitched leather notebook covers, featuring the Gen 1 starter Pokemon evolutions.

More photos in this album:

#DesertBus2018 #DBCraftAlong #MastoArt #Leatherwork #Art

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australian politics 

Watching this #libspill and laughing at the wankers backstabbing each other.

Because the alternative to laughing is falling into despair, realising it's all old men playing a game over their careers, where the piece are policies that will change the lives of millions.

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Mastodon is not the first online ecosystem for any of us, it’s a chance at a reboot.

So it’s pretty rad that our consensus answer to the question “If given a chance, what would I have done differently online to make for a better future?” is a resounding “be authentic and kind and seek connection with others.”

Be More Kind

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