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Torn between the desire to pass through the world causing as little suffering as possible and the desire to give everything I have to change things right now even if it's not perfect

Alternate history where Solomon’s 300 wives and 800 concubines unionize

Okay there are movie productions where actual people got killed. But right in the middle between those and like Cannibal Holocaust where they killed a bunch of animals, that's where I'd put "LXG".

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I feel we don't talk enough about how the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie was SO awful it drove Sean Connery to quit acting and Alan Moore to quit all involvement with movies, and then society, and then writing comics. (After destroying the world of League in the ugliest, most hateful manner possible.)

It lost us more than probably any other movie ever made. It's the worst.

#1 baguette topic on twitter: Cocaine.

I have so many questions, but they're really all the same questions as I've had since they put trending topics under different topics.

"Ruins" attempt no. 2: I go to this store almost every day to get groceries, and after a year I finally remembered to take a picture for reference. Only two hours later,

I've posted this before, but I'm looking at it again, and damnit, I made a very good painting here, a few sloppy hair strands aside.

Caution: old people who are me 

I read the sentence "Eve Online gears up for its third decade" and both my hips turned to dust

She [referring to Amy] sighed as his [referring to Bob] manhood [colloquial for male external genitalia] slipped deep inside her [referring to Amy] wet sex [contextually colloquial for female external genitalia, broadly considered overly poetic to the point of vagueness by contemporary critics]

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Thinking about a kabillion records of conversations (and my own stories) where future archeologists will have to do so much work to explain which third person is being referred to as "her" or "him" when the context is dependent on our binary standards of gender

Is the purpose of education to get a job? Is the purpose of having a job to work? (No.)

(All I did was suggest conservative extremists are equally bad news for queer people no matter if they are called Ibrahim or Jimmy, although Jimmy is obviously the bigger threat to me since he's sitting in my country's parliament and Ibrahim has trouble having his human rights recognized.)

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I mean, I'm not saying I haven't been on the other side of that, getting upset and replying to one tweet multiple times and spiraling the conversation into parallel, incoherent threads. But boy it's satisfying to get a prominent white supremacist author to do it.

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I'd just like to make it known I fought one of Sweden's top 5 white supermacist activists on twitter today and I made them so mad they launched our argument into like 5 different simultaneous threads before they announced this debate was beneath them.

How can you look at this data and think "well they're saying no but they actually mean yes"?

It was the one thing where we overwhelmingly gave them a negative response.

And they try to pretend as though we didn't.

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Do algorithms film and upload ads now? I keep seeing these absolutely pointless ads for games that are just clips of the game being played. Especially this one with ships shooting at each other, with no music, no sound except guns and a stilted voice going "enemy cruiser destroyed". So profoundly joyless, made without effort or imagination, doesn't try to say anything or go anywhere, can't appeal to anyone who isn't already playing the game.

There is a 4th grade trans girl in my son's class who just transitioned, and all the kids embraced it fully, according to my kids. All the kids defend her fiercely, like when someone dead names her (usually adults). This is so different from when I was their age in the '80s. I hope it's really getting better.

Seeing this strange notion you shouldn't , because since the American Left started holding their nose and voted for the Democrats two years ago, nothing has changed.

I don't know what to tell you but he Right voted for the most disgusting presidential candidate most of them could have ever imagined of in 2015 and it's paying out for them now. I don't know what you think not voting is ever going to change.

I'm being funny, but I'm all for more of the adventures of Queen General Doctor Organa

I changed my mind. If I could have dinner with any person living or dead, I'd like to meet Joan Baez.

Yes, of all the people in history I know about, I think I could learn stuff from her.

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