All these short stories I've been wrapping up, could it have been leading up to something, asked no one. But they were! I've written a whole book. Please read it or give me money, or both. And tell your friends cause I can't.

there's ur-fascism right at its core; simultaneously glorified yet seen as so fragile a single drop of soy can undo it completely & in constant need of defence and reinforcement

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I've figured it out. The definition of "identity politics": It's politics if you are a category on Pornhub.

Fun new meme! Your serial killer name is your legal name plus a distinguishing detail of your kills unknown to the public

If I say this is a story about a writer a story based on a dream she had where she wrote a story based on a dream I had where I wrote a story, and all four of the stories involved involve blending fiction and reality, you pretty much know what you're in for. And if I say I know how that sounds but I still spent a year writing it and I know, as someone who lives and breathes story, it may still be the best thing I've written, you should still give it a chance.

(Me telling Dark Souls bosses to eat it, continue to eat it and eat all of it)

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Eating: The you of it, large quantities and prolonged periods

In this essay I will

I'm so alone. All I've got is resistance. All I've had since the night I went out to paint over swastikas when I was eight. And now I hear I'm not supposed to do that alone?

This world and me has some problems.

Let's keep the good gift giving going! I'm handing out close to 2000 videogames to anyone showing any proof of charitable donation. I spent three days on this so please pass it around so more than 10 people see it.

Great news for us broke-ass hippies, with this video you can donate your time , bandwidth and processing power to BLM. Turn of adblock and let it rip.

Sometimes I think about when I was little and Mom took me to a little cabin on the far side of the lake where she and 5-8 other women would boil chemicals in a great iron cauldron over a campfire late into the night. They were just dying clothes but if they had been doing it 200 years earlier they'd surely have been burned at a stake.

Tonight I dreamed large mindless monsters made of animated steel bands were killing everyone and people were disappointed with me cause I didn't know how to stop them. But it was not a nightmare.

re Fermilab videos: I just learned there's a conjecture that the Big Bang was, at least in part, a phase transition where the fundamental forces separated as the universe cooled, like water vapor condensing out of the air

and I want that to be true so bad now

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Google: Our Stadia offers (access to) NINE mediocre/free to play games free (with subscription), as a public service, because we care so much about people suffering in isolation

Humble: You have given $1 to charity, here's your stuff:

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