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Torn between the desire to pass through the world causing as little suffering as possible and the desire to give everything I have to change things right now even if it's not perfect

This is a comic about some weirdos in a weird city I've been puttering about for like 18 years. Decided it's time to get it in gear. Cause so many things are falling apart, and all I can do is create something new.

SOME GIRLS. Coming soon to a website near me.

I have had the same bedroom ceiling lamp since I moved to this apartment 18 years ago, but the plastic socket started crumbling earlier this year and when grandmother had to move to a home and the family split up her bulkier possessions I saw an opening to get a moderately more stylish replacement.

I did not manage to take the old lamp down without covering the floor in plastic crumbs. And then the same thing happened with the new lamp.

That's what being autistic is like. Being made to feel bad because everyone else is busy with their own problems and you're the only one trying to fix everything. Being excluded because everyone else wants to reduce the forest to its generic forest-ness in order to diminish its importance and justify tending to their own tree above all others, and you're the only one who can see the forest is made up of nothing but trees.

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And then we have people who give up, who let this disorganization and injustice and oppression slide because - well, they always have a multitude of reasons. Millions of reasons to give up. And then there's me, being annoying and being excluded from my community because I don't know how to give up. Because I keep expecting people to keep their word, to live by the rules they set. Because I keep believing other people matter just as much as I do.

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And then there's the way the world is, which we all know falls sorely short of what it should be, due to a lack of organization. Yes, in fact, it's not that we don't have the resources to keep everyone in food and shelter and give them education and healthcare and a sense of belonging in their community and all that, it's just that these resources are badly organized. I don't think that's a big secret.

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Speech time.

Being 41 years old, and having been diagnosed with an autism-related disorder for about 20 years, I think it's time to say something about what being autistic is like.

It's like there's a way the world is supposed to be, that everyone actually knows it's supposed to be like, even if a few millionaires and fascists think it shouldn't be that way because it would interfere with their claim to power.

Arcade Spirits is a game that asks the hard questions, like "What if we kissed at the Penguworld fireworks display and and got honest and vulnerable AF while working together to uplift each other and realise our dreams, and we're all girls?"

The game (well, games) are like a warm hug for my brain and my heart.

retoot if you think trans mascs are cute, I wanna try something ☺️

Alternate history where Solomon’s 300 wives and 800 concubines unionize

Okay there are movie productions where actual people got killed. But right in the middle between those and like Cannibal Holocaust where they killed a bunch of animals, that's where I'd put "LXG".

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I feel we don't talk enough about how the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie was SO awful it drove Sean Connery to quit acting and Alan Moore to quit all involvement with movies, and then society, and then writing comics. (After destroying the world of League in the ugliest, most hateful manner possible.)

It lost us more than probably any other movie ever made. It's the worst.

#1 baguette topic on twitter: Cocaine.

I have so many questions, but they're really all the same questions as I've had since they put trending topics under different topics.

"Ruins" attempt no. 2: I go to this store almost every day to get groceries, and after a year I finally remembered to take a picture for reference. Only two hours later,

I've posted this before, but I'm looking at it again, and damnit, I made a very good painting here, a few sloppy hair strands aside.

Caution: old people who are me 

I read the sentence "Eve Online gears up for its third decade" and both my hips turned to dust

She [referring to Amy] sighed as his [referring to Bob] manhood [colloquial for male external genitalia] slipped deep inside her [referring to Amy] wet sex [contextually colloquial for female external genitalia, broadly considered overly poetic to the point of vagueness by contemporary critics]

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Thinking about a kabillion records of conversations (and my own stories) where future archeologists will have to do so much work to explain which third person is being referred to as "her" or "him" when the context is dependent on our binary standards of gender

Is the purpose of education to get a job? Is the purpose of having a job to work? (No.)

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