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I’ve been donating to the Portland bail fund since everything picked up a few weeks ago. They are super transparent and are doing incredible work. Please support them if you can by donating and/or retweeting 💚


Video essay on why we all remember the music from Shrek (and, to a lesser extent, Shrek 2), and how the pop music and original score combine to reinforce the movies’ themes of defying society to be yourself


Kinetics set once again to churning vivacity, the Clockwise Man lurches upward. The pendulum swings, arcing its heartbeat turn.

All is again movement. Thought made manifest, the dream made tangible.

"Once more. The wheel turns, and there is much left to do."

"The price is a kiss?" I double-checked.

The handsome gentleman nodded.

"What about a day of labor instead?"


"Or, I could do your taxes, which is basically the same thing."

His skin turned an inhuman hue for a moment.


"A simple kiss on the cheek would suff--"

"I don't do kisses."

"Then you won't receive this magic ring."

"Then you're a terrible businessman."

He was so insulted, he threw the ring at me and left.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Two little paws emerged from beneath the pile of copper coins, batting at the golden thread.

"They said raising a dragon would be difficult, but honestly so far it's been like having an an expensive cat that occasionally sets the drapes on fire."

"So like owning a cat then?"


American Pie is just Meme Compilation Song 1971

change my mind

It was bones that trod over the bramble path to my door. Their telltale clack-a-rattle upon my door heralding their arrival.

Loath to turn away a guest, I welcomed then in, and they fell-a-jumble into the chair by the hearth.

Next, the wordless bones motioned for a tune. Striking up a dance-a-jig, I watched in wonder as the old bones arose.

As they danced their merry way back out into the night, the bones spared me one last grin-a-grimace of thanks.

US Pol, BLM, Protests 

Never let them tell you that you are alone, unloved, or unworthy. Those who tell you such things seek to hide their own unworthiness, their own lovelessness, their own loneliness. Never let them convince you that hate or brutality are justified. They seek to justify their own sins.

Rebuke the hateful, educate the ignorant, support those who fight the tyrant. Be kind to the downtrodden, help the poor, stand with the oppressed.

Above all, keep loving each other.

With a sickly stymied tick-tock, the clockwise man found himself unwound.
The pendulum always swings back, but lately its momentum seemed dulled to near stillness.
Tighten the loosened spring and give life to his mechanism.
It only takes a twist.



Good morning fedifolk and tootfriends!

Today I wish you emotional strength ✨

In a desperate alleyway the three red shadows drew close to the little light, seeking coin, blood, and pain. It was a morbid jig they had danced many times before, and they were well practiced at it.

However, tonight would prove different.

A calm voice, a sunbright flash, the sound of gunshot thunder, and three the shadows guttered out. The pinstripe witch walked out into the Chicago night alone, and the city was three vampires poorer.

I realize it's been a while since I posted. Life's been... interesting and I've taken time to adjust.

Still kicking and still planning to write more short stories when I can find the time.

Stay well, friends.

pls make sure to wash your paws very well

*licks a paw* :Pc

people being surprised by the rise of game streaming missed that it always existed. Being the friend who sits on the sofa next to your friend who is playing the game has always been a different experience to being the person playing the game. And some people prefer it.

My skull is like a fortress under siege from within. The organs of my bellicose brain beat bloody broadsides upon the walls of my bonnet, until thought is shattered into sharp shards of shadow and shark-teeth. Eyes and ears rebel, leaving thier doors unguarded against the invasion of harsh light and trumpeted sound.

Hell thy name is Migraine

Shaking dust from his slowly awakening form, the giant bent down and picked up his quill. With a final yawn and stretch, he set his pen to the mountainside.

His thousand-year nap had left him with many fruitful dreams to set down in the stone.
It was good to be writing again...

Axiom: Friendship is magic
Axiom 2: Any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic

Conclusion: Any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from friendship.

Hydration Georg, who lives in a river and drinks fifty thousand glasses of water a day,

This seems quite a Mastodon feeling


Some people think creating and posting a meme is a waste of time. "Why bother?" they might ask. "For fake internet points?"

Internet points are nice, but that's not why. It's for the connection.

Someone gets you in this vast world. Understands you. And, sometimes, that's all that matters.

Check out the artist at 4amshower.com/ or instagram.com/4amshower/

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