"Eh? Who's that, be off!"

The gravekeeper raised a rust-speckled lantern.

"I warn ye, I hav'n had the devils own day. Keep in tha earth'n ye'll keep'n thy shins."

A hand ruptured from the loose ground, followed hard on by the rest of the late butcher.

"Nay, nay. Get thay back under, turnwise. Daft corpus, ye get mine shovel o'terway."

The sounds of a tussle, the crack of a broken shin, and a minute later the gravekeeper limped down the parish path.

Hand over hand.

Just a little further.

Just another stretch, another reach, then a rest.

Pause. Breath. Asses the course.

Onward. Upward.

Begin again.

Hand over hand.


And don't look down.

You ever sit bolt upright in bed, at 3 in the morning, and think to yourself "why HAVEN'T I written a mashup story starring all my favorite RP oc's yet?" and now you can't get back to sleep because the idea is Eating You Alive until you jot down some notes?

No? Just me?

This dumb little charity thing I've been watching and (tangentially) helping out with for like... 7? years? hit $1,000,000 raised... in a single year. That's nuts.
RT @DesertBus
We've tallied our final numbers to include merch sales & @Fangamer shirts and:

We are proud to announce that Desert Bus For Hope 2020 has raised over ONE MILLION DOLLARS for @CPCharity.

Join us for a million-dollar bonus stream on January 16th 1pm PST at ht…

Just above the doorframe, we found a strange marking. Ancient words declaring death or worse to those that disturbed the tomb. We had heard the stories of the buried complex of stone, and coveted the riches rumored to lay within.

My companions laughed at curses and breached the sarcophagus. They died, days later, burned from within.

So I give you the ancients' words: This is is not a place of honor... No highly esteemed deed is commemorated here...


Hundreds of thousands of Georgians have requested their mail ballots for the January 5th runoff elections.

If you requested a ballot for the November elections, you need to request a new one for January if you haven't.

Help elect Rev. Warnock and Jon Ossoff to the U.S. Senate by requesting your mail ballot today.


Get voting and let's get it done again!

fairfight.com/ #GApol :voteblue: :ga:

Desert Bus for Hope starts tomorrow! Check out their website (desertbus.org) and twitch stream (twitch.tv/desertbus). Drop by for some wholesome fun times!

See you on the bus, friends :D

She arranged the bottles just so. Each delicate vessel casting a rainbow of dancing lights.

"What're these for?" her apprentice asked.

"Tears," she answered patiently.

"We have to make people cry? But I don't want to do that!"

She put a comforting arm around her pupil's fretful shoulders and assured, "No. Tears of laughter, tears of joy, tears of triumph...and at worst, tears of humility."

And tears of relief flowed; promptly collected.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

i have a dnd character who is a wizard and studies thaumatology, literally "study of miracles". she's into writing spells and tearing apart how magic works. but unlike a lot of fantasy like "oh you must read the works of the elders who had a deep connection with magic" she's very much a scientist about it, doing experiments and publishing papers

when she explains what she does to people, she often gets questions like, what specific kinds of things is she trying to figure out. her go-to answer is that a huge unsolved mystery in her field is why everything in magic seems to happen in multiples of six seconds. it's this constant throughout different schools of magic, independently discovered by spellcrafters from different cultures... it seems fundamental, but why? what's special about six seconds?

of course, the dnd rules state that six seconds is the length of a combat round, but she doesn't know that

As souls in their thousands and their tens-of-thousands flooded the street, the hero watched and shook their head.

The work was far from over, but at least the fiend was dead.

So let us cheer a new crowned king, and call for wine or ale. But always, friends, remember: Tomorrow we strike the nail.

- Drinking song of the Demon Hunter's Guild 4th regiment "The Steak Drivers," circa 151 Before the Fall

Dappled sunlight slants down drowsy streets.

Secrets curiously creep, suffusing silent castles.

Call the timid child crying Truth

Dear souls catch fate

...or was it Time?

US Pol, Voting (+) 

Did a vote today. Remember, to do a vote too.

The Hammer Rises.

Below it, the steel bends and shifts. Folding, flattening, folding again.

The Hammer Falls.

The steel gains shape. Idea becoming form.

The Hammer Rises.

The blunt tool carves a name into reality. Pain and prowess focused onto a single point.

The Hammer Falls.

Purpose becoming accomplishment. An act of creation.

The Hammer Rises.

May this thing bring justice. May it protect peace. May the wicked fear it.

The Hammer Falls.

All kidding aside, I am alive, relatively well, and trying to get back into the creative swing of things after a long work-stress related hiatus.

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I’ve been donating to the Portland bail fund since everything picked up a few weeks ago. They are super transparent and are doing incredible work. Please support them if you can by donating and/or retweeting 💚


Video essay on why we all remember the music from Shrek (and, to a lesser extent, Shrek 2), and how the pop music and original score combine to reinforce the movies’ themes of defying society to be yourself

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