Watching Digimon Xros Wars, Vampire Land 

Oh yay, an entire village of Lopmon, so cute and precious.

Oh no, they are being rounded up by the armful to presumably feed a vampire lord!

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Digimon Series Opinions 

Thinking about how much I enjoyed Digimon Savers. The last three Digimon series watched (Frontier, Savers, Xros Wars S1) all tried fairly different stuff from the usual formula, but Savers struck the best balance for me. Keeping in mind that these are all series I have no history with.

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Watching Digimon Xros Wars, Ep 30 

They kinda wrapped up to whole driving conflict by beating the final lieutenant, only for the big bad to say "lol no, I win."

He grabbed all the Code Crowns they'd been fighting over, kicked our heroes back to the real world, and said some cryptic BS implying our main character is some chosen one.

So now we're doing all the "back in the real world tropes" and maybe moving on to a new arc?

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Watching Digimon Xros Wars, I'm up to Ep 26 now 

A lot has happened, but I haven't been too excited about the show in a bit. It's decent, but definitely has a different group dynamic than I'm usedd to in Digimon anime.

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