Going through my shitposts folder and found this blaseball joke written by @owashii

What if Senor Cardgage was an internet sports announcer?

Stardew Valley posting, bear! 

Fuck. Yes.

I brought him the good stuff, and then he showed me his secrets.

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FFXIV posting, wedding photos 

Ladies, is it gay to marry your girlfriend in a video game?
@BestGirlGrace found out today that the answer is "Yes"

Also, attendees get special pets, and the "Bridesmoogles" form a ring and dance with each other

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It's pretty janky, and basically all the work was done for me by the package, but I have confirmed how to test and upload VRChat avatars!

FFXIV posting, screenshot 

I delivered this guy some supplies and he said something about being bitter that other people aren't more vigilant about dragon attacks.

Meanwhile there's that drake fella behind him just kinda hanging out.

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Fun fact: it is theoretically possible to crochet by hand without a hook.
Now if only I knew what I was making or how to turn around on a row.

cc: @WizardOfDocs

Oh no, I have opened for myself a whole new can of worms (or box of cables, I guess)

Hanging out with a cool neighbour, sporting the best winter looks, admiring her drawings or orcs with battleaxes and jungle tigers.

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(repost from @MondoMascots@twitter.com, link in next post)

Chocoemon (the mascot of Kawasaki Town in Miyagi, Japan) is local catholic samurai legend Hasekura Tsunenaga (the first Japanese person to eat chocolate) reincarnated as a guitar-playing dog who can eat chocolate without dying.

Battlebots, based only loosley in the actual show 

I've watched one episode of Battlebots 2020 and I love how easily I could can watch it like dramatic wrestling.

So when @fluxom_alt just proposed the idea of Chomp vs Rusty and asked the question of whether Rusty would be able to even hurt Chomp in theory my mind went off.

Rusty just trying so hard to do anything and Chomp trying to impart a lesson about not comparing yourself to other people because you're only going to be disappointed.

Food picture, using my new steamer 

Built my first tower of power since getting this steamer for Christmas

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Looking at solitaire as a puzzle box can be useful to build your heuristics for whether you're making progress.

But looking at it as a possibility graph traversal means you realise that you can walk down a doomed branch for a while without it being obvious. Which is always disappointing.

Anyways, got there.

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Fun Spider solitaire fact:
if you guarantee your deal is solvable and allow yourself undoes then a high level game plays a lot like a puzzle box.

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