you gotta... download itunes to agree to the payment terms of services before you can submit a podcast to apple podcasts?

you need a goddamn astronaut phd from nasa just to submit a podcast

i don't listen to a lot of podcasts, i don't know how important it is to be on apple podcasts


@BestGirlGrace You might get a kick out of this: I refuse to download an app to get access to a podcast, and I don't have an RSS reader on my phone. So for your Anchor pods I literally visit the feed page in Chrome, then look through the raw text for an audio file extension.

It makes me feel clever.

@moonbolt @rockario I could just upload the files if anyone wants 'em, but nobody's asked yet

@BestGirlGrace @moonbolt Honestly, it would be nice. But I assumed you were using Anchor for a reason so I was just juking around their app

@rockario @moonbolt Anchor handles the nice RSS feed generation and such, but I can also just throw the files onto my server

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