Want a more complex, but way cooler (and probably easier to use) Theramin?

Try the Ondes Martenot! And then have people start assuming you're really in to Radiohead

My fav takeaways from learning about the Ondes Martenot:
- wiggly keyboard for vibrato? clever
- the finger ring really feels like a strict upgrade on the theremin
- Those speakers with resonant things placed in front of them is mega cool and I'm just staring at my acoustic guitar like 👀

@rockario god agreed on all fronts, this video was so cool, such a dope instrument to learn about

@rockario god i've had a design for a midi controller enclosure that will let me do the wiggly keyboard thing and the left hand expression squishy thing for like years and years and years and i've never gotten it together enough to do it.

@Thuslyandfurthermore The thing I really like about this instrument is that the "wiggle keyboard vibrato" is just an extension of the fundamental mechanism of the whole thing.

@rockario I genuinely am really into Radiohead so I'm super down!

@pikestaff It's funny, I don't know much Radiohead, so he keeps talking about this dude and I had no context until about halfway through when he's like "Jonny even incorporated it into the music by his band Radiohead."

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