Going live for Birthday Stream, Starting with Dark Souls 1 Speedrun 

Come on in to hang out or just watch me try to remember how to get through this game in it's abridged form


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Birthtday Stream, Dark Souls 1 

Right, so, we've beaten the first two bosses of DS1: controller problems and character creation, we're almost at the first cutscene :P

Seriously though, taking a break for lunch and then I'll start into this proper

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Birthtday Stream, Dark Souls 1 is still going but only another 90 minutes 

I... may have overestimated the amount of talking and dieing i would do here. We are 2 hours into the run proper and I am taking a 10 minute break.

Revising my estimate that I will not make it through the game, but I will only be running for another 90 minutes before switching over to Guitar Hero 4

Hanging out with @Canageek and @DialMforMara
on voice chat


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Birthtday Stream, How the morning wentt 

And 5 hours later we have made it to Ornsttein and Smough and nearly beat them once. I am definittely continuing this at a future date. Thank you again to @DialMforMara and @Canageek for hanging out in voice chat and providing questions and commentary.

Twitch VoD is here: twitch.tv/videos/697396667
Youtube VoD is coming later

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