Going live for Birthday Stream, Starting with Dark Souls 1 Speedrun 

Come on in to hang out or just watch me try to remember how to get through this game in it's abridged form


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Birthtday Stream, Dark Souls 1 

Right, so, we've beaten the first two bosses of DS1: controller problems and character creation, we're almost at the first cutscene :P

Seriously though, taking a break for lunch and then I'll start into this proper

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Birthtday Stream, Dark Souls 1 is still going but only another 90 minutes 

I... may have overestimated the amount of talking and dieing i would do here. We are 2 hours into the run proper and I am taking a 10 minute break.

Revising my estimate that I will not make it through the game, but I will only be running for another 90 minutes before switching over to Guitar Hero 4

Hanging out with @Canageek and @DialMforMara
on voice chat


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Birthtday Stream, How the morning wentt 

And 5 hours later we have made it to Ornsttein and Smough and nearly beat them once. I am definittely continuing this at a future date. Thank you again to @DialMforMara and @Canageek for hanging out in voice chat and providing questions and commentary.

Twitch VoD is here: twitch.tv/videos/697396667
Youtube VoD is coming later

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Birthtday Stream, Guitar Hero 4 

So now, at roughly 17:00 UTC-7 (10 minutes from now) I will be going online with some rock and roll music as I finish off Guitar Hero 4. Playlist here: pastebin.com/DDcBNL7h

Hope to see you there: twitch.tv/rockario

It will just be me and the music, as usual during the Guitar Hero streams. But afterwards I am hoping there is enough time left in the day to hang out, shoot the shit, and look around my last KSP game.

Birthtday Stream, Guitar Hero 4 is done 

That is the end of the last GH game I owned. What's interesting is that winding through what is supposed to be some of the biggest songs in the game left me feeling kinda underwhelmed the same way I did as a teen.

Ozzy Osbourne has a weird vibe for me, I don't quite click with Jimmy Hendrix, Hot For Teacher is lecherous and not as funny as it thinks it is, Pull Me Under and Satch Boogie are good but following that it's not enough. Oh well.

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Birthtday Stream, Keep going? Poll 

I think I have it in me to hang out for a bit after supper with Kerbal Space Program. It'll be a chill hang out stream if I have folks who want to be in voice chat.

Otherwise I will say today was a success and look forward to the week ahead.

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And now for my final birthday present to myself, I'm going to go be tired in a bathtub and read some Ao3 about a nekomancer while watching Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith beat up a ghost

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@rockario wait is it your birthday today???? Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birthtday Stream, Keep going? Poll 

@rockario@kind.socia I can hang out if you'd like, I believe.

Birthday Stream 

@BestGirlGrace Looks like most folks are played out for today. And I think I am too, tbh. No more streaming tonight.

Birthday Stream 

@rockario Yeah, fair enough. I'm winding down myself. Happy birthday!

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