Okay, stream is planned for 15:30 today. Starting with a bit of piano noodling, and then a few hours of Guitar Hero 4.
Hell, maybe if I get hungry enough I'll stream making pancakes.


Note: this isn't the "Big Birthday Stream," just my usual Thursday thing.

Big stream is on Saturday, I'll have a start time by the end of today.

dev posting, chat bots 

I hate it when I have the impulse to use something simple, but the initial setup of the framework is just beyond your current attention span?

Like, I want to make a chatbot that will just drop a link when given a command, but I am just short of the motivation to spend less than a few clicks to set up the initial bot.


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Going live shortly with piano noodling and then Guitar Hero 4

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Still going for aanother hour probably. Got a couple people hanging out consoling eachother over how dang hot it is

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Stream wrap up, clip "Escuela De Calor" by Radio Futura 

Hooray for a fun stream working through the middle section of Guitar Hero 4.

Also shout outs to @efi for 1 - being able to hang out because of the terrible heat keeping them from sleep, but more importantly 2 - recognizing this song and highlighting it for me.


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@rockario wtf, twitch chat is not letting me type, only click emotes in lmao

Stream wrap up, clip "Escuela De Calor" by Radio Futura 

@rockario ha ce falta valor, hace falta valor, ven a la escuela de calor

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