I've never played a Mega Man game, but I LOVE the fashion sense of the characters from the different series (not really MM or MMX).

The body-suit + half-shirt is a look I'd love to be able to pull off in real life. And shout-out to the hoodie+leggings combo on Thetis there.


There's also a character named Prairie and she's got a big hat and long coat and this all seems like a sign.

CW: cartoon eye contact

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Aeolus here really does prove that if you're a Mega Man ZX character you have to have that third-shirt, even if you've got another top on. (which I totally agree with, tbh)

CW: cartoon eye contact

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@rockario ZX is a world where everyone is legally required to 1: wear some kind of latex bodysuit thing under their clothes 2: crop tops and 3: your hair MUST be at least jaw length in some way. The fashion police's rule is absolute.

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