Choosing a new Pokésona for Sword and Shield 

I'm not playing the game, and Lucario will always be dear to me. But I've done my research and come down on a few options: Galarian Ponyta/Rapidash, Galarian Farfetched, or Wooloo

Choosing a new Pokésona for Sword and Shield 

Pretty Pencilcrayon Pony?

Galarian Pokemon drawing 

A second Pretty Pencil Crayon Pony

I need references, DM me your best Ponyta/Rapidash pics

Galarian Rapidash Drawing 

This Pony's all grown up, and her snout became a probability cloud

Galarian Rapidash Drawing 

Guess who found a picture of the faerie horse smiling?

Thinking about which colours I like best between pink/purple and green/teal/blue, but then I realize how close this whole situation is to Princess Celestia

Galarian Rapidash Drawing 

Maybe, more purple? Not sure how I feel about this one

I'm looking up "horse clothing"
I think I'm gonna go through with this. Tied back hair, maybe slightly shorter mane, my favourite type of hoof hands.

I'm entering the fursona lab, and I'm either coming out a horse or asleep.

Way more Horse drawings, fursona workshopping 

She's coming along pretty good

Got the mane and tail situation figured, as well as colours. Still not sure if she does anything special with her bangs. And I need to gather some reference before she can stand on two legs.

But say hello to Nickole...Nicker...Nik,,,o,,,ler...hmmm, still need to nail down the name as well.

Galarian Rapidash 'sona 

Stretching my new legs, getting used to my hooves.

I think Nicole works for her name.

Would you believe I watched MLP: FiM when it came out, but 2010 me was way too shy and unsure of themself to make a pony OC? In a "wanted to but couldn't think of an idea" kind of way.

A decade later and look at me now!

I will at some point tell the brief story of the time I had to confront the honest question "Are you a Brony?" And basically blue screened

Galarian Rapidash Drawing 

@Rewhan @BestGirlGrace TIL this horse is faerie/psychic and is known for storing power in its fetlocks and its unstoppable "psycho cutter"

Galarian Rapidash 'sona 

@rockario You picked a winner of a horse!

Choosing a new Pokésona for Sword and Shield 

@rockario *pounding on the table* trans horse trans horse

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