Project Fightdog 

The set up: I've been asked to design a new Pokemon. Here are the elements I've been asked to include:
1. fightdog
2. shorts?
3. facemask
4. spikes
5. twink
6. aura "lobes"
7. thicc

So let's take a look at the first round of 5 design concepts...

Project Fightdog-A 

Lucari-A has a lot of classic cartoon signifiers, really leans into point 1

Project Fightdog-B 

Lucari-B is a little bit of a curveball, you need that in iterative design like this

Project Fightdog-C 

Lucari-C is anotherclassic fightdog, with a bigger focus on the shorts and headband

Project Fightdog-D 

With Lucari-D I tried pushing the bottom half as far as I thought possible

Project Fightdog-E 

For this last design, I realised that I'd been taking point 4 (spikes) for granted.

So I thought for Lucari-E I'd maximize the spikes

With the first round of designs posted, Project Fightdog will now be accepting feedback.

What do you like? What did you hate? What should we take forward into future designs? What were these first designs missing? Comment below!

I am pleased to annnounce that the next round of designs for Project Fightdog are in. Just like last time, there are 5 more potential designs for a Pokemon based on the 7 elements outlined above.

Project Fightdog-F 

Spike nipples (spipples) seemed to be popular last round, and if we go with this general shape there is a chace for a Jimmy John's sponsorship

Project Fightdog-G 

Lucari-G (lou-car-ee-gee) is a bit of a goof, but variety is good in brainstorming

Project Fightdog-H 

Lucari-H also borrows from another Pokemon design. And comments last time suggested the bulge could be used offensively. So here's "BarkThree: This One's Got Spikes"

Project Fightdog-I 

Lucari-I tries to expand one the fightdog aspect again with a sumo inspired design. The face was supposed to be a friendly panting dog, but I think we can work with what we have.

Project Fightdog-J 

A lot of the designs this round have been static or derivative, so here I went with something more dynamic and cool. See? They even have those cat-ear headphones that are so popular.

And that's it for Project Fightdog part two. I'm glad folks are liking it so far.

What do you like? What did you hate? What should we take forward into future designs? What were these first designs missing? Comment below!

The third round of designs for are here, and I think we have some real winners.

Project Fightdog-K 

Long skirt went with a long skirtwith dangly bits, for extra fwoosh and swoosh. I think this design can really take advantage of the newer Pokemon games' more dynamic attack animations.

Project Fightdog-L 

Another mewtwo omage, but this time working it into more of a "cheeky dog in ring gear" look

Project Fightdog-M 

Another try at boxing gloves. A focus on spheres led to a bit of a cat clown thing

Project Fightdog-N 

Tried a couple of different elements here. Dominoe mask, overalls aestheric. Might be something here, maybe looks a little stretched?

Project Fightdog-O 

Kinda of went with a mashup of everything we have so far. I think this one has a nice balance.

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re: Project Fightdog-K 

Honestly, I quite like this one and might adopt it as my Lucari-sona

Project Fightdog-F, WWE 

If he learns hyperbeam we can call him Bork Laser

Project Fightdog-A 

@rockario Spike nipples, or spipples, are a classic twist on the fight dog design.

@rockario For one, I'm immensely enjoying the "Lucario with no middle sliders" experience here.

A has a popeyeness to him that I enjoy, and him and B feel closest to a real Pokemon you might see coming around the bend.

If you were judging them based on who had the most menacing bulge, D would win in a landslide. like all my normal types are going to die to Iron Bulge.

Project Fightdog-H 

@rockario Now that's a bulge you wouldn't want to see at the gym.

Project Fightdog-H 

@BestGirlGrace Spipples make hugging dangerous, we've taken it a step further and made face-sitting a risky venture

Project Fightdog-H 

@rockario It's one of the great tragedies, really, that a dog so thicc finds it so difficult to use their powers for peace.

Project Fightdog-H 

@BestGirlGrace They do have a sizeable tail with spikes on only one side. They've got a real duality thing going on: lover or fighter, pleasure or pain, etc etc

Project Fightdog-H 

@rockario This dog is really helping us explore the two sides of the fightdog experience. Sublime, in a way.

Project Fightdog-H 

@BestGirlGrace And people say re-using old concepts isn't worth it, balls to that!

F - Very jacked-up on the fightdog juice. For when you gotta show folks what's up.
H - Proud for a reason. The bulge does all the work, and we all know it.
I - there are so many ways to fight, and it's good to see a fightdog branching out.
J - I like this guy. They've got places to go, but still approachable and fun to be around. Good energy.

Project Fightdog-M 

@rockario cats are, after all, nature's clowns

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