@BestGirlGrace No, but Howie's Great Word Adventure lets you get called "Grand Poo-bah" by a bear voiced by Howie Madell

@rockario That's tempting, but I don't think I could resist "Pixel Brain" or "Pineapple Princess"

@rockario also, the Multimedia boom really was a thing, huh? That woulda been around the height of Howie's celebrity.

@BestGirlGrace Oh definitely, I think we got this as a pack-in with our family's first computer in 199..7? 99? This beauty (IBM Aptiva S-series "Stealth")

But I totally didn't know who Howie Mandell was or make the connection until *years* later.

@rockario Now that's a handsome computer.

I looked up some footage from the game and it's making me uncomfortable

Like, I expected it would just be Howie Mandel talking, but he's doing this really uncomfortable voice

@BestGirlGrace That's definitely a reason I didn't make the connection, because I never knew he did cartoon stuff.

Also there's the skunk named Stinky with strong "Krusty the Clown" energy, and I'm fairly certain Maurice LaMarche does some of the voices because there's one game with a Vincent Price ghost pirate.

@rockario You can really tell he also voices the robot because it's just The Brain/Orson Welles.

@BestGirlGrace I mentioned the skunk, but I completely forgot that the funnest game involved stuffing the skunk in a stink shooter:

@rockario The more I watch of this game, the more I think that this is a kink thing for the two of them.

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