Oh no, I looked up what the word Benthic meant and now I'm fixating on the idea of a lightless environment where the mud and muck like snow and acts more like thicker water than loose ground. Also pale shelled crawlies

Like, I don't think clouds work the way we see them in cartoons where you can cross their "membrane" in a puff of fog. But I can see the loose sediment on the ocean floor acting much more like that.

I've heard it in various forms my whole life but I'm really feeling it this afternoon...

The ocean is really neat!

Ocean facts, Sea squirts as food 

Apparently Lonely Planet describes the taste of sea squirt sashimi (hoya, maboya, meongge) as "rubber dipped in ammonia"

Which makes me think they weren't sold on the experience

Ocean facts... 

When you're a benthos, you either escape like a shrimp or embrace mortality like a crab

@rockario I had aspirations to be a deepsea marine biologist back in highschool. The deeps of the ocean is full of really cool, not yet fully explored phenomena.

@I_Am_Clockwork Unexplored oceans are one of those things that I don't think about often, but I'll hear about some new thing and just be facinated

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