Early Mythbusters Jr. review:

yep, this is definitely Mythbusters, no doubt about it.

19 years ago, I demanded my flying cars.

Today, I demand my cyberpunk.

@rockario I recently completed it. 124 hours of playtime according to Steam.

I've noticed an increasingly large subset of super-zen chill games in my Steam library. Games which consider Stardew Valley too hectic to allow into their ranks:

Desert Golfing
Glass Masquerade
Floating Point
Race The Sun's 'Sunrise' DLC

There must have been some magic in that top hat Frosty spied
'Cause he bowed to Cthulhu and he leaked blood when he cried
Frosty the Snowman
Liked to speak in cryptic rhymes
And the townsfolk screamed, cause in this scene
They could die at any time

Here is a partial list of things that can be Christmas traditions:

Smash Bros.
Beef jerky
Throwing watermelons off the roof
Selena Gomez
Licking envelopes
That clip of Braun Strowman flipping an ambulance
Pothole pole-vaulting

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Anything you watch, play or do on Christmas can be a Christmas special. All you have to do is do it on Christmas. If you do it again next year, it becomes a Cherished Christmas Tradition.

Today in the news: Tumblr found, and used, The Worst Algorithm.

It is 19 days until Desert Bus, and boy howdy could we stand to go put some good into the world right now.

my friend @Kells's super cute game 'Calico' is up on kickstarter this month, please check it out if you like cats, magical girls, cafés, and combinations of those :blob_cat:


The air conditioners in the house are out, which is great, because it's supposed to get down to freezing in a few days.

We may have put this off a bit.

Desert Golfing progress report: hole 6,245.

I don't even need to load up the birdsite today to know I'm very likely nearing the end of my time over there. I already moved it to the tail end of my bookmarks, where I'm least likely to see it, and will wait for a slower day to go in and turf the account.

After having listened to Enough Of The Dance Songs, I have concluded that two things are true about the rhythm:

*It is a force of liberation that will set us free.
*It is a force of malevolence that has trapped us and which we are helpless to resist.

The bags under my eyes as of late are [insert corny joke about luggage and vacations ha ha ha wheeeeee].

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