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This will be my main Mastodon instance.
My other account, on will be inactive, and will redirect here.

I'm looking forward to this time away from work, soon.

"You should grow a thicker spine."
And what makes you think I have to just, put up with your abuse, exactly?

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"That worked so well! I should threaten people more often!" —Kathleen

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Alan Jones 

If Alan Jones wants to promote a horse race his friends are in so fucking badly, we get to tattoo something important like women's right to an abortion on his huge fucking forehead.

US Politics 

Idiots complaining about Taylor Swifts personal political view, with MAGA hashtags in their bios.
Yeah. OK.
Your president is a fucking carrot.


Trumps America sucks and needs to burn down.

toxic male bullshit pt.2 

Do not consider pushing others down in order to elevate yourself.
Rock bottom is still rock bottom even if you somehow got people under your foot.

toxic male bullshit 

The only reason it's "scary to be a young male" right now is because it's almost expected, through societal pressure, for young men to commit sexual assault in order to validate themselves as a male.
To attach consequence to that, as society FINALLY shifts in the correct direction, means men have "no way to be a man".

Except, you know, show enough ability to provide to society, your family and friends, and yourself. Coz you know, that isn't somehow fulfilling, right?

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i like being able to purr

i like purring

is nice


I enjoy long weekends.
It means more sleeps!

I watch one Sentai video and my YT recommendations are just Sentai and KR videos.
Actually this is fine, carry on

PAX Australia is soon.
IDK I saying this everywhere

White House Leak + WikiLeaks 

Wikileaks is reporting the NYT Op Ed White House anon is likely to be an older conservative male.

The term "No Shit Sherlock" is pretty apt here.

He probably also breathes air and eats food.

What a scoop!

I'd rather be kind than to struggle with trying to get a one-up on others constantly.
It's exhausting and people already hate you for it.

Colin Kaepernick and Nike 

I would rather follow the guy working to a better future for people than the guy who got so triggered he cut up his own pairs of socks in outrage.

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