Sitting in line waiting for a passport renewal, ama

Style leads neatly to the next recommendation:
Catherynne Valente's Space Opera. Douglas Adams may be dead, but this book is just as assured as the H2G2 books ever were, and adds a heaping dollop of heart and emotion that Adams (I think) never really got a grip on.

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Speaking of milSF, Yoon Ha Lee's Machineries of Empire trilogy (Ninefox Gambit, Raven Stratagem and Revenant Gun) are also an interesting variation on the genre. It is hard to describe its world succinctly, but it is quite a ride, propelled forward by Yoon's impeccable style.

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Then there's Marko Kloos' Frontlines series. It starts off as bog-standard milSF, but it soon becomes clear that this isn't your standard fare; Kloos takes great care to keep his characters and their actions grounded in the realism of what years of constant combat does to people.
It also neatly avoids many of the pitfalls of the Baen output that dominates this subgenre.

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First up:
I reread @AprilDaniels's amazing Dreadnought/Sovereign pair again.
They are really really cool, fast-paced, funny, heartwrenching, and just overall great books about being (and more importantly, coming out as) trans.

Also, it's a cool take on the superheroics genre.

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Okay, let's have some book recommendations.

These are books I have recently read and will heartily recommend to anyone interested in SF. Please add your own recommendations so I can fill my backlog with awesome things!

If you want an excellent example of how to build a multi-game continuity, play Ace Combat.
The entire series of games from 04 to 5 to 0 to 6 to 7 is so worth it just for the depth of its worldbuilding alone.

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About to see a live performance of Princess Bride at a local castle.

Yes, we have a castle. It's awesome.

Migrated to with the rest of the herd.

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