@beej Was watching the AskLrr for the month. I'd like to know more about what you built for a NAS if you're willing to share?

human malware. 

I have no idea what to do at this point. Am I putting my life at risk to keep working? Am I risking other’s. What do I do if I stop. Not like I have anywhere to go. God I’m tired of trying to put on a brave face when all I want to do is hide under a pillow.

ranting at the void. 

Fuck! Last thing I wanted to learn about at unplugged. My work is filing for bankruptcy. I don’t know if I’m returning Monday to a job. Or if I’m just fired. Worst of all if I do have a load will I get a message telling me to leave my truck where it is. Or go get fuel and not have my card work.

@ihorner Incase your day isn't going perfect. I thought you could use a reminder that Patlabor is a thing and we're all better for that. And hopefully we'll get more soon. youtube.com/watch?v=WnxcqACMT3

@ihorner So I just finished Gundam Origin, What should I move onto now?

@LunarJade creepy CH heather is super effective....

Idea. RPG based in the Last Exile universe. Or a world based off it. Not sure if it would be Ship to Ship. Fighter to fight. Or more about ground based talky style. Hmmm...

Is it normal when yelling at the void to sometimes want it to yell back?

I hate this day. I hate this day. I hate this day. I hate this day. I hate this day. I hate this day. I hate this day. I hate this day.

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So... anyone else want to go get some soup dumplings? Those things where awesome. Not sure drive 2400 miles awesome though...

Yelling into the void 

Why is it that I belong to very supporting communities yet I still don't feel comfortable talking about my sexuality or... lack there of? Blah. Words are hard.

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Day 281/365
Little Dragons Cafe!
Time for dragon to be an adult!



5 days into mastodon and first porn bot followed me.

Dear Seattle. Thank you for not raining the whole time I was here.

Be More Kind

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