Had an expensive day at the mechanic - he said I needed a new clutch (or part thereof). Now I know next to jack s(poopy)t about cars, and I didn't notice it acting particularly odd during gear shifts, so I was a lil' skeptical. But hey, better safe than sorry right?

So I just got it back and can say with confidence that my dude was not trying to screw me over. Drastic difference - no longer feels like I'm grinding it down on every shift. Totally worth it.

My "nightmares" are getting creative - they're no longer content with being creepy/scary, opting instead to go for messing with my emotions and making me feel sad.

Take last night for example - I dream that someone sends me a YouTube link for a song I've been trying to track down for years, and I'm so happy... and then it all ends, and it's just so disappointing.

Don't know if it's "progress" or "regression" if I grudgingly accept my lot in life as a generic NPC (and not a particularly interesting one at that), and that my strongest wish is that I'm not awkwardly standing in front of a quest NPC or shop such that the main characters don't accidentally talk to me instead.

: p

Anyone wanna go halfsies on matching "Dude Where's My Car" tattoos? I'll even let you be "Sweet" : p

"No s***" thought of the day - "Man, these notoriously difficult old retro games are real easy if you just cheat and savescum a whole lot. "

Dream Log 

I only remember the last scene where I was considering what kind of food to bring to a party - something I'd love that wouldn't be very popular with the others, or something more "mass appeal" that I probably wouldn't get to eat much of.

Then I was at my brother's house, and I thought it was a simulation or alternate reality, since he had like 5 copies of the exact same "Snagglepuss" book. When I looked away and back, they had changed to "Peter Potamus" books.

Cops are apparently out in force tonight, particularly on one of our main highways. Saw one speeding dingaling get pulled over right next to/in front of us. Man... I mean I friggin' love "r/justiceboners", but seeing it go down live it's just a whole 'nother level. I feel like I need a stiff drink and a cigarette >_>

I should get a different job... ultimately "converting food into waste matter" really is more of a hobby.

Dream Log 

Long one last night, so rather than do, like, 12 toots in a row with excruciating detail, I'll give you the condensed version.

* We got off a plane
* I found some golf clubs
* The burger place at the food court was really busy
* Some demons showed up
* The world got erased
* But it's cool, they made a new world
* The new world had this cool crystal cave
* Later, I got in a helicopter
* We tried to teleport back to the cave
* Turns out it was all a video game

As promised - the full range of my custom tokens. My personal top picks are the soldiers - probably my finest line work. The goblins are sentimental favourites doge what I hope are obvious reasons. Lastly... man Kefka really let himself go... : p




My prerelease could have gone better - I thought my deck would have been better than a 0-3, but there were some excellent pools out there to compete with, so what can you do? Still a five day out at any rate.

At least the custom tokens got a decent reception - they'll be posted up once I get home.

These guys are pretty much basically *technically* goblins, right?

This will probably be the last sneak preview before pre-release but I'll definitely be tooting the full set after the event.


I'm also well, *well* overdue for donating blood. Let's rectify that, shall we?

If you're considering it for yourself, I recommend it. You get these little cookies and a mini Snickers bar afterwards. For free!

Well MtG Guilds of Ravnica pre-release is almost upon us, and as is my own personal tradition, I'm drawing and colouring my own custom tokens.

Here's a couple of Insect tokens I just finished:


I need to find a better life balance where I do interesting things, but not where "interesting" things happen *to* me and ruin everything.

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