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The Desert Bus 2018 shirt is on sale now! The wonderful folks at have outdone themselves once again! Go get yours now! gogogo!! #DB2018

If you're in the US:

Don't just wake up on Tuesday and decide whether to go vote. Make PLANS to vote. Some folks' lives depend on it.

Make it a priority. As much as is possible, plan the other aspects of your life AROUND the fact that you're gonna go vote. Make it a given.

I finally got that cooking blog started! Thanks in large part to @Wsteria talking about cooking eggs this morning.

Cooking Without Spoons
A cooking blog for when you Just Can't

There's not much on it yet but I have a bunch of posts already planned to put on it over the next few weeks, now that the hard part is done and it's set up.

cc @pixelpaperyarn
#blogs #cooking #otherhashtagsasneeded

uspol - RPGnet (+++) 

RPGnet Bans Support Of Donald Trump

- - - -

This thread is full of assmad MAGAchuds and it's giving me so much life.

How to Prepare for an ICE Raid or Audit 

1. Ensure that your I-9s, SSNs, IDs, and WVs are all stored as hard and soft copies with notarized copies protected from any acts of nature.

2. Alphabetize your employees records and make sure that at-risk employees are tagged with some bright but subtle distinction.

3. If possible, take annual pictures of the employees alongside their WVs. Have a database of these images at the ready for easy indexing.

4. Avoid verbal confrontation with the officers.

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[Me, sobbing] You can't just call whatever you see a file, Linux.

[Linux, points at hard drive] /dev/sda

[Me] Please, no

[Linux, points at controller] /dev/input/js0

[Linux, points at the ever present void, just at the edge of our vision that we all try so hard to ignore] /Μ΅Ν’ΜˆΝ‰d̸͍̙̯́͝eΜΆΝ—Ν”vΜ·ΜšΝ’ΜΝœ/̸̺̝͆nΜΈΜ‡Μ«uΜ΄ΝƒΜΝ˜ΜŸl̢̦̣̃̃͝lΜ·Μ‹ΝšΜ©

capitalists: under communism, you'll have to share your car and your home with random strangers!!!

capitalists, 30 years later: now you can share your car and your home with random strangers, this is Innovation
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Dear Cat Diary: It has been eleven days, by my count, since the humans draped this fabric on me. Escape from underneath it's leaden weight has proven impossible. I fear they intend to leave me here to starve.

Twitter, language survey

"If you are a black native speaker of #AAE [African-American English] & have 5 minutes & a computer, you can help by taking the survey and reading the short story at "

birdsite link - Linguistics Survey 

Someone is writing a dissertation to try and map African-American English linguistically, and asks that, if you identify as black and grew up in the United States, you take five minutes to fill out a short survey:

(Boosts okay and appreciated, ofc. <3)

mental health - ADD/ADHD (–) 

Haha been going over gravis' article / thread on Struggling With ADHD and damn if it wasn't some of the most painful reading I've ever had to do in my life.

any website that can detect my use of ad/script blockers is a website that justifies the use of ad/script blockers

Hm. Someone just suggested a podcast to me about solving puzzles and riddles.

I know a few people whose interest this might be relevant to, once I've investigated further...

My phone updated and now the stock emoji look even shittier somehow.

Me: *big long sigh of resignation and disappointment*
You: What’s up?
Me: *gestures wildly at the universe*

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