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Me: *big long sigh of resignation and disappointment*
You: Whatโ€™s up?
Me: *gestures wildly at the universe*

If a company can double its minimum wage overnight and continue operating normally, perhaps - just spitballing - there is no correlation between value produced by labor and the wage paid by the employer benefiting from said labor?

cw: mental health, sleep, drugs 

Starting to think I need to be on a low-dose prescription sleep aid. Not to fall asleep, but to STAY asleep once I'm there...

Too bad I need a GP for that b/c I'm pretty sure a clinic doctor isn't gonna prescribe that.

Me: [while being throttled] Y'know it's actually Frankenstein's Monster-

Frankenstein's Monster: [while throttling] Actually Viktor Frankenstein was my creator, therefore both legally and philosophically my father, making me in turn a "Frankenstein" as well. You're not being clever, you're just being pedantic.

Me: [turning blue] yeah but-

FM: Also my story is about the hubris of mankind and the deep-seated need to establish identity so thanks for reminding me of that unpleasant business.

D&D, mild mental health(-) 

Anyway I just needed to vent a little bit since something reminded me. Sorry about that.

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D&D, mild mental health(-) 

His "jokes" seem more like a transparent way for him to allude to his character's sexual prowess without being even more of a That Guy than he already is.

But to be honest, the long-winded hypothesizing about a lesbian naiad trying to abduct my partner's character (my character's cousin) was really toeing the line of what I was willing to put up with last night. He ground the initiative to a halt with this extremely pointless tangent that went nowhere for way too long.

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D&D, mild mental health(-) 

Prior to acquiring these arrows, he was very proud of the idea he had about casting Light on an arrow and firing it into the darkness to "scout ahead".

This has gotten us INTO more trouble than out if it, despite repeated suggestions to maybe knock it the fuck off, esp. considering 3/4 of the party has Darkvision anyway.

Then there's his... Crass sense of humour. Everything's got to be a sex joke with him, and not particularly funny ones either.

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D&D, mild mental health(-) 

Nobody's else has said anything at this point and I don't wanna be the buzzkill but at the same time it's really demanding on my audio processing issues.

He's also that guy who wants to be the center of attention all the damn time. He plays an Arcane Trickster rogue and, somehow, he's managed to get his hands on these explosive fire arrows I've never heard of.

Christ Almighty he will not fucking shut up about these goddamned arrows he's so proud of.

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D&D, mild mental health(-) 

So I finally found a D&D game to play IRL but, like many things in my life, it comes with a certain number of strings attached.

The primary issue is the group has a That Guy. Now, to his credit, he's not as bad as some That Guys I've encountered before. But he still chips away at my mental energy.

His first issue seems to be unaware of the volume of his own voice, and he sits right next to me. And no, he's not shouting to be heard; it's not that big a table.

You wouldn't know it to look at it, but this takes place in our very far future:

Ganymede occasionally falls asleep with her eyes open and its quite distressing to watch, tbh.

The fact is, people who are good at following instructions literally, usually aren't the ones asking for help.

Being able to Google things and then turn instructions into action, is one of the skills that sets techies apart from others.

That's why RTFM is such unhelpful advice. It just doesn't work for some people.

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I think when my work shoes finally give up the ghost, I'm gonna break down and invest in a pair of Blundstones.

Google AMP is Not a Good Thing - "If this were to become widely adopted, youโ€™d search for something, get results, consume the content, and youโ€™d never leave Google."

Doctor: I'm terribly sorry but the tests are back. Your child is artistic.

Parents: (sob)

Doctor: Now don't worry, it's not the end of the world. Your child will never have the mind of an executive, but with modern innovations like Etsy, Patreon and Kickstarter, they may be able to pay rent well into their mid-20s.

Parent: Did... did crayons do this

Doctor: Who can say? We're exposed to so many forms of art every day: music, poetry, language, geometry..

Parent: We're getting crayons BANNED

Public Service Announcement to D&D players:

Dragonborn don't get Darkvision. Ever. Stop trying to make us take point.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Cleric

Thinking about Hogfather again and now I'm sad in a heartwarming kind of way.

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