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TEETH Elemental - CR 5

All attacks are Bite Attacks. Especially the Bite Attack.

There are some very silly magical items in Xanathar's Guide.


Nintendo Direct 

physical health (-) 

Just wanna say it's actually kind of cool that the MCU made Sensory Processing Disorder a byproduct of Peter's superpowers.

I feel seen.

Bluh hit an inescapable crash state in Oblivion, so RIP that playthrough.

At least Skyblivion's still in active development.

PSA: Hey friends, if you've moved instances recently, don't forget to sign into your Mastodon Bridge with your new account so birdsite friends can find you easier!

Hey LRR Friends, anybody know what the process is for manually subtitling YouTube videos?

I used to transcribe on MTurk for spare cash and I thought I could help with subtitling LRR videos.


ME: okay

FR: sixty

ME: yep

FR: sixty-ten

ME: what

FR: four-twenties

ME: okay c'mon now

FR: four-twenties-ten

ME: fuck you

LaCroix tastes like somebody angrily subtweeting fruit.

cw: birdsite 

Happy Labour Day.

Remember that this holiday, and others like it, as well as many labor rights you now enjoy, were won by unions and organized labor fighting and dying in defiance of unfair, unhealthy business practices.

cw: selfie, eye-contact 

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