@Canageek Sadly, thanks to my partner's research on various blogs, most of those use the same model of cheap bullet motors, so I think you'd need to account for the dildo material itself to form different notes...

Life is like a hurricane
In Un
Dead Burg

Hollows, bridge drakes, gargoyles
It's Un
Dead Blur!

Might kill some Black Knights!
Or get in boar fights!

Dark Souls!
Every day we're out there chasing
Dark Souls!
Praise the Sun and lose your souls, it's
Dark Souls!

D-d-d-d-danger in that small room!
There's a stranger here to stab you!
What to do, just dodge roll now it's

Dark Souls!

@r4v5 ...I didn't know this was a hazard with them and now I'm not sure I want one anymore...

I have completely lost the ability to even. I may never even again.

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Ok so a charity I really like is GIVING AWAY A REAL LIFE MASTER SWORD.

8 PM Pacific time tonight. You'll be able to enter for a donation somewhere between $5 and $15.


RT @DesertBus@twitter.com
The Replica Master Sword will now be a GIVEAWAY!

You can expect to see this giveaway go live around 8PM tonight so come by DesertBus.Org for a chance to take this amazing prize home.


Just taking a moment to put lots of queer love out into the world.
:HeartTransgender: :HeartQueer: :HeartPolysexual: :HeartPolyamorous: :HeartPOCPride: :HeartPansexual: :HeartLesbian: :HeartLeather: :HeartLabrys: :HeartIntersex: :HeartGenderqueer: :HeartGenderfluid: :HeartDemisexual: :HeartBisexual: :HeartAromantic: :HeartAgender: :HeartAsexual: :HeartPride:

Job Prospects (!!) 

Job Prospects (!!) 

Oh good other people have discovered Kavaeric's "missives from a strange land" thread.

The people of the West Province refrain from speaking its name in full. They are ashamed or frightened, only mentioning it with its two-letter shortening. Sometimes, an individual suggests a name change, but not long passes until they are never heard from again.

@rockario @DialMforMara see my understanding is that the mythological salamander was like, the polar opposite to its real life counterpart, in that it HAD to stay hot / on fire in order to survive. Which, in that case, the name made a kind of sense, albeit in a very roundabout way.

job prospects (+) 

Wow I haven't been on here in a hot minute, I still have my Desert Bus emojis up.

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TweetDeck is broken, therefore, as far as I'm concerned, Twitter is broken.

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