@r4v5 ...I didn't know this was a hazard with them and now I'm not sure I want one anymore...

I have completely lost the ability to even. I may never even again.

Ok so a charity I really like is GIVING AWAY A REAL LIFE MASTER SWORD.

8 PM Pacific time tonight. You'll be able to enter for a donation somewhere between $5 and $15.


RT @DesertBus@twitter.com
The Replica Master Sword will now be a GIVEAWAY!

You can expect to see this giveaway go live around 8PM tonight so come by DesertBus.Org for a chance to take this amazing prize home.


Just taking a moment to put lots of queer love out into the world.
:HeartTransgender: :HeartQueer: :HeartPolysexual: :HeartPolyamorous: :HeartPOCPride: :HeartPansexual: :HeartLesbian: :HeartLeather: :HeartLabrys: :HeartIntersex: :HeartGenderqueer: :HeartGenderfluid: :HeartDemisexual: :HeartBisexual: :HeartAromantic: :HeartAgender: :HeartAsexual: :HeartPride:

Job Prospects (!!) 

Job Prospects (!!) 

Oh good other people have discovered Kavaeric's "missives from a strange land" thread.

The people of the West Province refrain from speaking its name in full. They are ashamed or frightened, only mentioning it with its two-letter shortening. Sometimes, an individual suggests a name change, but not long passes until they are never heard from again.

@rockario @DialMforMara see my understanding is that the mythological salamander was like, the polar opposite to its real life counterpart, in that it HAD to stay hot / on fire in order to survive. Which, in that case, the name made a kind of sense, albeit in a very roundabout way.

job prospects (+) 

Wow I haven't been on here in a hot minute, I still have my Desert Bus emojis up.

TweetDeck is broken, therefore, as far as I'm concerned, Twitter is broken.

I waited until, essentially, the least appropriate time to make a guide to making cold brew coffee at home. But here it is anyway.

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