So... I guess I should make at least an effort to actually use mastodon, since I do have friends on this platform... have I mentioned how terrible I am with the social medias? 🙁😬

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Have I mentioned previously how terrible I am at social media? No? Well I’m terrible at it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As Adam would say,
(As in I had a one way ticket and I just got off the plane in Seattle) that I’ve used the last of my energy in that exclamation, next step is find a good extended stay hotel, followed by a good apartment within a week... after I eat and sleep...🛌💤

Hey @Texan_Reverend , any chance you can send me a copy of that 1 pic I snuck into? You know the one 😉

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The new instance is live at and I'd love to have you join us. The instance will remain online until September 12th which should give everyone enough time to export their Follow & Mute lists, create their new accounts, save any toots they want, and delete their accounts here. Please, do not use the Migrate/Redirect function, as that prevents unfollows, and once this instance goes down, there will be no easy way for a user to remove these phantom accounts.

@Kikazi I’ll start:

I’m giving Tootdon (iPhone) a try, and for the most part it seems pretty decent and intuitive, and the interface is pleasant for me.

I am having trouble with glitches, though. For example, when looking at someone’s profile, their “Toots” and/or the accounts they follow don’t always show up. I’ve also had difficulty savings changes to my account, like when I update my profile pic or bio. An error pops up.

Suggestions for a better app or on how to fix this one are welcome.

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Here’s a question for all of you, whether you’re brand new to Mastodon or you’ve been here a while:

Do you use a mobile app to access your account, and if so, which one and what are the Pros & Cons? (Remember to clarify iPhone or Android or other.)

I believe I have completed the full transition from the both the previous instance and Twitter... well, maybe not Twitter completely. Some good folks still post there, believe it or not!

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