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No klaxons sounded as we silently slipped through the security door. No alerted guards charged into the room. The sentry Turrets slumbered in their wall cradles. All was going well.

I had trained with my squad of rookies for weeks for this operation, and it showed. With casual ease, each member went to their planned marks. A plan, perfectly executed. The target suspected nothing.

We all readied to spring...

"Surprise! Happy Birthday!"

Also we didn’t just observe the supermassive black hole once and were fine with that; we viewed the black hole over several days of observation, so we watched the gas/dust disk’s dynamics change quite rapidly. The disk is orbiting at about 1000km/sec [~600mi/sec] and nearly 90 Earth masses of material falls in every day. Early data is even suggesting the jet of material escaping before the event horizon may be pushing the black hole, moving it away from the center of M87.

The aged unicorns stood in the rain, heads tilted up to the skies, bleating soft happy songs to each other.

Most know unicorns to be creatures of forests but few know unicorns as creatures of deserts. Even many of the younger ones were unaware of this origin.

But the ancient ones recalled it all; the blistering heat, the sparse grasses beneath nimble sandy hooves, and thorny succulents... And how the heavenly rains brought frolic & foals.

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It's going to be one of those "uh oh, I am still awake" sort of nights.

"Sleep? I remember sleep. The soft embrace of a mind in slumber. The sweet delight of waking refreshed...

But now I sleep no longer. No gentle embrace of rest. The slumberings of my somniferous past are removed from me.

There can be no sleep, for I have partaken of the ambrosia of Wakefulness, that bittersweet nectar of eldritch energy. Sleep? I am beyond such mortal weakness!"

"I think you've had enough coffee, for one day." the server replied.

The Imperial Officer stood gazing at my hold, the shock clear on his face. The entire cargo bay had been turned into a small city by the refugees bound for Barbra’s Sun.

A choked sob emitted from the uniformed man, as he turned to me, eyes wet.

“I see you did not lie, Captain. A most precious and vital cargo. You are free to leave.”

As the officer shuttled back to the light cruiser, I addressed my charges.
“Onward to freedom, friends!”

I am going to try to increase the frequency of my Micro Fiction toots. Not because I feel there is any great demand for them, but because I want to push myself to create more often, and I quite enjoy the format.
For now, I'm aiming at a "once or twice a week" schedule.

I was there that day, and I swear to the Divine it's true.

I had escaped the castle after Malthon slew the king. Stopping to catch my breath, I heard a noise coming from the moat.
Looking down I saw a naked warrior kicking the wall of the moat.

Abruptly, the stranger launched into the sky, body vibrating madly.
Thirty seconds later Malthon's Dark Spire exploded. In the distance I could just make out a triumphant voice shout "Personal Best!"

"Hither sits the Golden Spires, and anon lies the buried evil."

"Why build the former so close to the latter?"

"The Monarchs of yore sought to watch o're the deep dark, and one day mold and direct it to their whim. In this they succeeded, wielding great power."

"Seems a foolish and dangerous thing, to me."

"Then you are far wiser than the rulers of old. For by thus courting the abyss did their kingdoms fall."

Nice article from the on charity video game live streams, and highlighting

CW Death (-) 

This was fun to make. I present "Munching with Map - Groiled Cheese Sandwich". #groiledcheesesandwich (/cc

Insomnia Venting (-) 

To all my friends and acquaintances who, like me, do not enjoy Valentines Day, allow me extend my commiseration.
Lets all get through this, so we can get back to making each other laugh tomorrow, eh?

The Opportunity rover’s final message from Mars was “My battery is low and it is getting dark.”

Jeez am I tired. Ah well, time to play some BattleTech before bed

Internet Get!
Had to switch providers to get it, but at long last I am back in the WeeFees.

Further to my last retweet, calling your output “content” cheapens your skills.

If you make videos, you’re a filmmaker.

If you make music, you’re a songwriter.

Take pride in the process of your creation, not just the result.

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